The Best Features of a Wireless Home Security Camera

The Best Features of a Wireless Home Security Camera

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We rely a lot on a home security camera to protect our home and loved ones. The rapid and regular developments in home security technology have made it possible for home security cameras to have cutting-edge features. If you follow the maintenance tips of these advanced systems judiciously, then there are also very feeble chances of getting these advanced cameras hacked.

Though there are many innovative and compelling features available today in a home security system, here are a few features that have clearly emerged as the winner.

Cellular Backup

As the security systems went wireless, the GSM technology also lends them a cellular backup. Thus, one need not have a landline but can pair them with their mobile phones and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). One thing that you should make sure while buying a wireless system is the long battery life.

Off-Site Storage

You need to have some sort of off-site storage. This is important because if you don’t have one and record everything on a local SD card, then there is a high possibility of a burglar tampering with it. There are some brands that offer little cloud storage for free or otherwise you will have to opt for some good and economical subscription offer.

Extra Features

Besides helping in nabbing the criminals, these cameras come with many other benefits. To avail these, you need to have features like two-way talk, which helps a lot if you have installed cameras to monitor your little ones or pets at home. Other than that, you should also be conscious of the pan-and-tilt functions and choose an appropriate angle of observation. Pan is when a camera swivels to the left and right and it can cover a complete 360 degrees. A tilt provides a vertical range of coverage and can go up to 180 degrees.

Night Vision Mode If Installing Outside

If you have installed a camera to keep an eye on your home surroundings, then it should have night vision mode. With this, it will be able to record and stream even if there is low lighting.

Other than these, all cameras that you install for the security purposes should have the feature of recording and live streaming video 24/7. The recordings should be in full HD resolution so that you can zoom into the footage without it getting blurred.

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